Broken Pieces

Once something is broken, even if can be put back together, you can still see that is was broken, these are scars. Trust looks similar, once broken it can never look/be the same even with restoration. Like a vase you will still see the lines of imperfection. But by Jesus grace the lines are not the end, nor do they define that something which was once so meaningful.

I’m so quick to try and fix my lines of imperfection, they are reminders of age or of pain, but they can also be reminders of something beautiful. Age shows resilience… Exposure of scars shows restoration from something broken, it still works and functions but takes on a new beauty. Beauty with a story. There is beauty in brokenness, it just has to be viewed with confidence that God uses all our flaws and failures to paint our life portrait. Without the fall there would be no cracks, without the brokenness there would be nothing for Jesus to have to come to rescue and restore. I’ve come to realize he cares more about our need for him rather than a people who think they don’t need him and pretend to have it all together.

I’ve often thought if God somehow rejoices more over the complete shattering of something . You know what I mean, when a glass breaks and it breaks into big pieces, you know you can put it back together quickly or pick it up to throw away quickly. Verses, the glass that shatters into a million little pieces. Those are the moments for us as people, where the shattering turns into nightmares and stages of hopelessness. But I wonder if God somehow smiles while comforting our pain. I know that sounds twisted, but He knows that it is only HE that can rebuild something so broken. He sees the full picture so he gets to show up in these unexpected ways because deep down we don’t expect or believe he WILL and CAN fix something so broken. He gets to show up and remake, restore and rebuild this broken vessel to use for something new or to tell a new story. He takes our ruins and builds a monument, a display to showcase his goodness and power.

Let’s press on to know him, and acknowledge the Lord even when our pieces are shattered on the floor and we don’t see how he possibly could use all these broken pieces for anything good. He is God , he has a story to write and a picture to paint, and when we surrender our lives we become His vessel to break, to use these pieces to remake something beautiful that once was broken. He can be the one to break us. Us broken means a reliance on who He is for us, as our sustain-er and Savior. His desire is that we be “broken and spilled out.” This is surrender. This means trust.

Isn’t that what this whole Journey we are on is about, Him using us, broken people, to showcase His glory?

Your brokenness is beautiful to God.

So Lord, break me into the tiniest of pieces that I might get to see what you, the Healer, the Restorer does in me. God, use my brokenness, my utter dependence on you to restore, so that a world will get to see just how good and faithful you are. The beautiful artist, and craftsman you truly are.
For you are the potter and I am the clay.
Mold me, break me so that I might be a beautiful vessel that is now broken and spilled out for you.